When Your Back Is In Pain, There Is Little You Can Do Without Noticing It

The good news is that we can help get you back to having a strong back.

Back pain keeps you from performing essential daily functions. Whether standing, bending over, sitting down at work, or even just getting out of bed, everything is affected.

Without proper treatment, back pain can have a long-term impact on your health and mobility.

Chiropractic treatment for lower back pain should be the first place you turn. It involves no medication and or surgery. Our chiropractors use a combination hands on treatment and rehabilitation techniques that restore function and provide relief for low back pain.

We want to get you back to your life, pain-free as soon as possible.

We do not just manage the pain. We teach you about some of the lifestyle changes that prevent injury to your lower back going forward. These may include exercises, stretches and even ideas for proper nutrition.

How We Help Clients Stregthen Their Back

Take An X-Ray
(If Needed)

We have an in-house X-Ray allowing us to provide an accurate assessment of your condition.

Conduct An Assessment

We look at your neck, spine, and posture, doing a full assessment to find out what is causing you pain.

Put You On A Corrective Plan

You get to choose what kind of plan you would like. You remain in full control throughout your treatment.

The staff is always friendly and make me feel comfortable and at ease.  I am a person of many questions and Dr. Jason Bucknell always answers my questions very clearly.  He identified root cause issues  and his professional progressive approach to long term health and well being is affordable and effective.  Jason has made a huge difference the quality of my families life.


When I first went to the office it was for my lower back pain, which was quickly resolved in less than 2 months. Now I routinely go for my overall health. I have no need to see any other kind of doctor, they can answer all my questions! The staff are very nice and the office is clean and tidy.

Nichola Kosloski  | MAPLE RIDGE, B.C.

The best advice I ever got was to go to Active Life! I have a severely slipped disc in my back and couldn't even pull my own pants up alone. My GP recommended chiropractic and this particular one was the first one I Googled.  I now have hope that I will be able to fully recover and carry on with my career and normal life!!! I recommend their services to everyone.


Ever since I started going for regular chiropractic adjustments 2 years ago, I have felt nothing but improvements. My neck had been a source of discomfort for years. They took X-rays of my neck and spine, and were able to find and explain the reason for my discomfort. Now my neck pain is virtually gone.


I have been receiving treatment from Dr. Jason Bucknell for quite some time.  I see him at least once a week and I can say without a doubt, that he sincerely cares for the well being of his patients. Jason is helping me maintain a healthy, mobile lifestyle.  I would highly recommend Jason to anyone wanting to experience chiropractic treatment.


I've had Jason take of my family for over 3 years now. He values long term care/wellness and not just quick fixes. Jason takes the time to review your progress. Jason keeps my back in top shape which helps me big time when spending hours on my bike.


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Don't Let Back Trouble Rob You
Of One More Day

Schedule an appointment and we will get you back up, feeling great again.