Everyone Should Have Access To The Best Chiropractic Care When They Need It

Our office specializes In helping people find pain relief and the best in health.

Too many people in Ridge Meadows are living every day with pain that can be treated.

At Active Life Chiropractic, we understand the frustration and hopelessness that can come with not receiving the care you need. We also know the freedom that can come with finding the right treatment.

For twenty years, Active Life Chiropractic has provided personal care for every patient so that they get back to feeling great at work and home.

Dr. Jason Bucknell and Dr. Tomek Pajak believes that everyone deserves to have access to excellent, personal care. Every patient is treated with integrity and care.

Maple Ridge's #1 Rated Chiropractic Office

Some Of The Values That Make Us Different:

Patient-Centred Care

Everybody has a story. We take time to listen to yours as we learn about what you are struggling through, your health goals, and what has/has not worked in the past.

Patients Decide Treatment

After the examination we take the time to explain what we discovered about your health issue. Options for care range from pain relief to optimal spinal health.  How you choose to benefit from care is always up to you.

Evidence-Based Care

Using current evidence based procedures combined with many years of clinical experience we help you get relief from pain, discomfort, and immobility.

Don't Let Pain Write Anymore
Of Your Story

It's your time to take back your life and start a new chapter, pain-free.